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Case Study One

Standard Bank South Africa

Standard Bank Learnership Programme involved 60 entrepreneurs that had to be trained in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). PR and Brand Network worked with the participants by understanding each entrepreneur's background and positioning, allowing PR and Brand Network to refine their business models and develop sound sales strategies.

To polish their service or product offerings PR and Brand Network empowered participants with networking skills, redesigned and proposed new narrative to their profiles. PR and Brand Network also assisted with compliance administrative aspects of their business by making sure that every entrepreneur business is registered and had a valid BEE and Tax Clearance Certificate.

PR and Brand Network also trained the entrepreneurs on how to prepare for pitches, how to compile and deliver presentations.

Standard Bank Learnership Programme

PR and Brand Network also tailored agile profiles to give entrepreneurs the flexibility and confidence to present multiple service offerings while catering to specific briefs.

At the end of the training PR and Brand Network enrolled all the participants in the Telecommunications Development Conference - ITU.

Pick n Pay Stokvel Campaign

Case Study Two

Pick 'n Pay Stokvel Campaign

For 16 months, PR and Brand Network went on a national campaign and visited townships thus engaging with small businesses and social clubs. PR and Brand Network evaluated their business models and encouraged them to merge or collaborate to take advantage of synergies in the market place and respective models.

PR and Brand Network assisted in registering their companies and empowering them to protect their intellectual property, got onboard different industry speakers to mentor them around ICT, Legal, Financial, Ethics and Social media. Thus making sure that they have compliant and robust business models that are able to leverage available opportunities.

Case Study Three

USAID Durban 2016

PR and Brand Network created a 360 strategy, which entailed embarking on healthcare campaign for US Aid. The primary focus of the campaign was on TB awareness: to test, equip the community with necessary tools and in the process gaining the support and engagement of about 12 000 people.

From conceptualization to giving feedback to US Aid, this came about after receiving a brief from client to come up with a campaign to raise awareness and encourage communities to screen for TB in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal townships.

PR and Brand Network further embarked on a 3 month campaign to roll out strategy and carried out a community-based research. The main focus of the research, was to establish the current state of TB awareness and general healthcare in the community.

Findings therefore, revealed that major information gaps existed within the community; hence guiding PR and Brand Network to employ an effective approach in raising awareness and educating the community about TB. As a result, a number of TB information station hubs were erected in schools and shopping centers for much easier access to the people.

US Aid

Following the completion of groundwork, PR and Brand Network hosted a screening day at a park in Kwa-Mashu to educate the community on the importance of good health. The event was designed to raise awareness and promote health consciousness. In addition to tuberculosis screenings, free voluntary tests for cholesterol and HIV were also made available to the attendees. By offering these services, PR and Brand Network demonstrated their commitment to improving community health and well-being.

PR and Brand Network got the opportunity to engage Chiefs, eThekwini municipality and local NGOs. Additionally, local media, celebrities and TV personalities were also encouraged to participate, by walking the talk to raise awareness against the spread of TB while promoting proper healthcare tips.

US Aid

Case Study Four

USAID Port Elizabeth 2017

After a successful campaign in Durban, USAID tasked PR and Brand Network to roll out a campaign encouraging people that tested positive for TB to take treatment.

PR and Brand Network created a strategy that was more intimate thus addressing the stigma, which discouraged the community from embracing treatment, and made them aware of the resources available to address their health concerns. PR and Brand Network started a door-to-door campaign that shared information about their medication schedule and collection points also making them aware of a newtowk of NGOs and clinics at their disposal.

PR and Brand Network empowered the community by engaging locals and offered training, thus equipping them with transferable skills. This cohort comprised of caterers, cleaners, drivers and local volunteers that offered their community an impeccable service.

PR and Brand Network managed to get 4 300 people to be on treatment, a milestone achieved together with an engaged and more aware community.

Case Study Five

ABSA South Africa

PR and Brand Network promoted awareness for ABSA's entrepreneurs by creating a panel of speakers sharing insights on different businesses, exploring opportunities in emerging economies and it was great to network and cross-pollinate.

Absa South Africa

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